Antigua to promote its carnival in Miami

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room


A team from the Ministry of Creative Industries and Innovation will leave Antigua next month to participate and to promote Antigua at the October Miami Carnival.

The Minister pointed out the importance of attending these Carnivals at which Antigua and Barbuda Carnival is promoted, and Antigua and Barbuda is promoted as a tourist destination.

 The Ministry of Tourism will also be featured and several Antiguan artistes will perform on stage for one hour.

He provided evidence of the success of participation in the past.

The Minister of Creative Industries and Innovation sought the approval of the Cabinet for the schedule of events for the 41st Anniversary of Independence and the artistic logo.

Following an intense discussion, the Cabinet agreed to both the schedule of the events and the artwork.

There was some issue surrounding the November 1 Independence Ceremonial Parade that was held in the evening last year.

The question arose whether it should be held in the evening this year; and, that was agreed.



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