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Travel in Threes: J’can racecar driver Sara Misir

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From equestrian to motorsports, race car driver Sara Misir has made quite the name for herself in the sporting arena.

She’s something of a global phenom as Jamaica’s first and the first woman from the Caribbean to make the final of a Formula One qualification competition and the Caribbean’s first Formula Woman race car driver.

This also means that Misir has travelled to quite a few destinations, both for leisure and as a Jamaican sports ambassador of sorts.

“Having to pick my top three places to visit in the world is definitely difficult”, she stated before listing her faves with Loop Lifestyle.

The 24-year-old competes as part of the Formula Woman Team for McLaren Customer Racing in the GT CUP Championships in the United Kingdom, so, of course, a track or racing haunt would make Misir’s list of favourite places.

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