Youth Symposium Will Create Platform to Capture Youth Ideas, Solutions and Policies

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

As part of its mission to elevate the voices and actions of the youth in the political process, the Progressive Youth, the official arm of the United Progressive Party will host a Youth Symposium Saturday 6th August at 7 PM.

This event will provide a platform for the youth to contribute their expertise and ideas to formulate practical policies and solutions that will affect their the issues that are important to them.

The keynote speaker will be the newly elected Minister of Mobilization, Implementation and Transportation for Grenada, Hon. Andy Williams. Also on the speaker line-up will be some of the UPP’s youngest leaders, including Leader of the Opposition, Jamale Pringle.

“The influence of youth politics across the globe, underscores the need for more opportunities for the youth to participate in the political process. Youth engagement remains a priority for the UPP and by mobilizing our youth arm, the Party is able to speak more directly to the youth, on topics and issues that this demographic cares deeply about,” said Hon Jamale Pringle, the country’s youngest Leader of the Opposition.

“Young voters care about all of the same issues that any other voter would care about. The difference is that young voters are typically not at the center of traditional politicians’ strategies. Many of our youth feel that traditional politics makes a lot of assumptions and does not always consider the issues that are most important to them,” said Tevaughn Harriette, UPP Candidate for St. Peter.

“The politics of today’s youth puts real life first. It’s not about whether you wear a red shirt or a blue shirt. It’s about whether you have a job, opportunities to believe in yourself and to do the things that you love. Many young people struggled with limited support during the pandemic and now they feel left out of the recovery plans. We want to include our youth in making decisions today that will affect their future,” said Anthony Smith, UPP Candidate for All Saints West.

The Youth Symposium is a 2-hour moderated discussion that will create user-friendly pathways to fully engage the youth (living at home and in the diaspora).

It will lay out a platform for the UPP to unveil its youth agenda and provide an opportunity for the youth to share their vision for various sectors of national development.

A celebration on “International Youth Day” on 12th August, also forms part of the strategy to put democratic power in the hands of the youth, by empowering them to play an integral role in the political process.


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