Bounty Killer Says 90s Classic “Book Book Book” Was Personal For Him

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Bounty Killer says one of his biggest dancehall classic anthems “Book Book Book” was inspired by his personal story after dropping out of school at an early age.

As hundreds of students returned to school today, September 5, in Jamaica, the ever-popular 90s track by Bounty Killer, “Book Book Book,” has again come into focus. The track, which was geared towards encouraging young people to take their studies seriously, still remains a sort of anthem for back-to-school.

Even Bounty himself has confessed that the song has a special place in his heart, especially since he had a somewhat volatile relationship with schools. He made the confession while speaking with The Star.

He shared that he dropped out of school at an early age, and later on in his life; he realized that education was the key to getting out of poverty. That’s why he didn’t hesitate to give his fans a song that shared the message of applying yourself to studies.

The “Look Into My Eyes” deejay also shared that he dropped out of school at just grade nine. He attended Edith Dalton James High School. The track was dropped back in 1997 and was off of his Ghetto Gramma album. There is no shortage of inspirational lyrics as it pertains to education.

“It’s a positive song about bettering self and self-uplifting. The song is just a positive vibe, generally. I feel very proud to know that that song is still being played today so many years later, with a totally new generation enjoying the song,” he added.

He also shared that over the years, many fans have reached out to him to thank him personally for dropping such a positive track. Bounty, whose real name is Rodney Price, said that many of those fans who reached out to him also let him know that his words were inspirational on their path through education.

Those interactions have led him to the understanding that a good education is the ultimate key to success and that one should always try to get the most out of learning.

“I have even been invited as guest speaker by some of those same fans, who told me how much I have inspired them to stay in school and even reached the university level,” he added.

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