J’can accused of leaving man bloodied in US hotel fight, denied bail Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

A 19-year-old Jamaican man, Kemaree Reid, has been jailed in the United States, allegedly for repeatedly beating another man with a rock during a fight until the victim was “gushing blood”.

The fight took place at a hotel in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, according to a report from the state police that was read out in court.

According to a report in the Keystone Gazette, Reid confessed during an interview with the police that he first threw a rock at the man during the fight over a “work issue”, before grabbing a second rock, which he used to beat the victim “over and over” until he noticed “a large pool of blood”.

The injured man suffered “suspected serious injuries”, and was taken to hospital.

The assault occurred about 8:30 pm on Sunday at La Quinta Inn and Suites located at 265 North Hershey Highway in West Hanover Township.

The Jamaican was slapped with two felony charges for aggravated assault, including “attempts to cause or cause bodily injury with a deadly weapon”.

The other felony charge for aggravated assault resulted in him being charged with “attempts to cause serious bodily harm with extreme indifference”.

Reid has also been charged with two misdemeanour offences relative to simple assault.

He is being held at Dauphin County jail.

He was denied bail because of the “seriousness of the charges, extensive injuries to the victim, immigration detainer and flight risk,” as ordered by the magistrate.

His preliminary hearing has been scheduled for September 29.


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