Invest Caribbean Opens 2023 Call For Qualified Caribbean Projects

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 30, 2022: Executives of Invest Caribbean, the 11-year-old global private sector investment agency of the Caribbean, have opened their Fiscal Year 2023 call for qualified major Caribbean projects seeking funding.

INVEST CARIBBEAN® is now accepting applications from qualified project developers for projects in the Caribbean that are seeking funding of USD 3 million and up.

To qualify for consideration for funding, project developers must meet a number of requirements based on ICN’s new institutional funding partner.

They include a full business plan that includes:

1: Project description;

2: Project schedule;

3: Environmental impact description and plans for compliance;

4: Marketing and sales plan and of course,

5: A financial model with clear assumptions and analysis as well as audited financials of shareholders.

If you are a project developer who meet these requirements or even if you do not and would like to work with us to qualify, please contact Invest Caribbean today.

Invest Caribbean, was founded in 2011 by Guyanese born immigrant, Felicia J. Persaud and has been the consistent conduit between private and institutional funders and governments, and private sector developers in the Caribbean region specifically. It has been lauded by both regional governments and top global CEOs alike including Sir Richard Branson, for its effectiveness in being the matchmaker between funders and developers. In 2021, it was Invest Caribbean that joined with Caribbean nationals globally, and the government of Jamaica to celebrate the election of the US’ first Caribbean American Vice President, Kamala Harris.

Its main focus has been since 2011, on promoting investment in the Caribbean and matching developers and businesses with the best possible funding options available globally. For more visit

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